What To Bring

All three of our cottages are supplied with towels, bathmat, a kitchen towel, oven glove, washing-up liquid, a dishwasher with dishwasher tablets, handwash, salt, pepper and binbags.

We can also provide a shower chair, cot, highchair, non-slip bath mat, things-to-raise-up-chairs-to-make-them-higher, kitchen scales, recipe books, food mixers and a mountain of other things – so if you need something that isn’t obviously available please just ask.


There are several ways of getting food to the cottage!  You can, obviously, pack everything you need from your local shops.  But you can also:

Get it delivered

Tesco,  Asda and Sainsbury’s all deliver.   If you warn us when they will arrive we can unpack for you so the icecream hasn’t melted before you get here.

Buy it at the market

We have a market at Guisborough (about nine miles away) on Saturdays and at Stokesley on Friday.  We haven’t found anyone yet who will deliver veg boxes to us, but we’re trying!

Buy in Castleton

Our local Co-op is open till 10pm every night (except Christmas Day) and easily stocks enough for most people.  We also have a Village Shop – and a garage, post office, bank, a tea room, a picture gallery, hair dresser and two pubs.  So it is possible to manage all week without driving anywhere!

Send us a shopping list

We can buy your food for you if you send us a list a couple of days before you arrive and we will give you the bill!

What we produce

We grow some fruit and vegetables, but not much as yet – but when we have a glut we have a serious glut and you are welcome to help us out eating it!  We do have chickens and we can sell you eggs.