We live in such a beautiful part of the world and feel that we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the area. We are committed to decreasing any negative impacts we have on our stunning surroundings, continually improving upon our positive environmental and social efforts, ensuring that we provide high quality, environmentally sensitive accommodation.

ISO-14001Doing more than our bit

We like to think that we have put our money where our mouth is and provide cottages which are ecologically sustainable whilst still being beautifully designed, furnished and warm! We don’t see why you should be obliged to do anything more than have a wonderful holiday, but we would love you to understand what we are trying to achieve here and come to realise that it is possible to combine sustainability with a comfortable cottage.

Our ISO Certificates can be downloaded here >>

Managing our Waste

We look at everything we buy and try to minimise packaging so that our waste is minimised from the outset.

We reuse all items that we can. For example, if you leave bread behind we will feed it to the chickens! We try to repair anything that is broken rather than replace it, even if it’s more expensive.

We recycle everything that we can; paper, cardboard, tins, cans, plastics, glass, batteries. Paint is used up over the years. Domestic towels are downgraded to dog towels and finally recycled as rags. Furniture that is being replaced is freecycled.

Reduce our carbon footprint

  • We have installed two ground source heat pumps to heat our offices and the Granary and Carthouse
  • The cottages have high levels of  insulation throughout reducing heat loss
  • Our windows have high insulation glass to reduce heat loss
  • Our electricity is supplied by Scottish and Southern, which is the leading renewable energy supplier
  • Our staff car share!
  • We select our vehicles to be practical and economical, maintain them well – and run them till they drop!

Support our local community

  • We have a buy local, buy responsible policy which applies to all produce, products and services
  • We are involved with the local Agricultural Show – Jo is general secretary
  • We actively support social and environmental projects within our local area
  • We provide advice and information for other businesses