Canine Guests

We are more than happy for you to bring your dog with you to the cottages – as many as you like in the Byre, or one small dog to the Carthouse. But we have to have rules…

  • No sleeping on the beds, climbing on the furniture or sitting on the Byre’s windowsills.
  • No leaving alone in the cottages, please.
  • The landowners in the National Park insist that dogs are kept on leads whilst out on the moors. We know it seems sad to be in the countryside and not to allow dogs to run freely. But that’s how it is. Because there are nesting birds, sheep and lambs out on the moor this rule is very strictly enforced.

That’s that out of the way….

On our own land, particularly the courtyard, you will have to keep your dog on a lead (or carry it, depending on the size) unless it is very well behaved indeed and can be guaranteed to come when called and is always supervised. Our own dogs – the happy creatures above – are very enthusiastic about visitors and will want to play if they can. If your dog is not keen on other dogs please tell us!

We have four fields – 17 acres – around our farm and provided that there are no sheep your dog can be exercised off a lead there. We also have 3 acres of woodland with picnic tables and you are welcome to walk up there too.

We provide dog towels and a dog sink for dogs who decide to swim in the pond or the sea or find some mud or other interesting substance to roll in.

We can arrange dog sitters if you want to go out for the day without your dog.

And we can lend you a Labrador or two if walks just aren’t walks without a dog!