The Carthouse


  • Parking is available immediately outside the property.  Whilst the courtyard itself is gravelled there is hard-standing at the parking spot.
  • This area is well-lit at night.
  • There is a wide paved area in front of the front door.

Entrance to the Carthouse

  • The front door is 90cm wide
  • The threshold is level.
  • The flooring inside the entrance is oak.

Sitting Room / Kitchen/ Diner

  • The front door opens direct to the sitting room.
  • The room has a small leather sofa with non-feather cushions and an armchair.  A high, firm chair can be provided.
  • Furniture can be moved.
  • There is a widescreen digital television with remote control, subtitles and a DVD player
  • The flooring is oak.
  • The heating – underfloor – has an individual thermostat.


  • The kitchen is open plan with the sitting room
  • The door of the oven opens sideways and the handle is 90cm from the floor.
  • The hob is an electric hob and is 80cm above the floor. The controls are at the front
  • The worktop generally is 90cm above the floor.
  • The sink is 90cm above the floor.
  • There are knee hole spaces beneath the hob (90cm wide) and sink (63cm wide) to allow wheelchair access.
  • The fridge and freezer are both situated under the worktop.
  • There is a tall cupboard in which crockery and glasses are stored;  all equipment can be moved if required.
  • The kitchen is evenly lit with halogen spotlights.
  • The flooring is oak.
  • The  dining table is 76cm high and seats 3, although the third chair is in the bedroom.


There is one large bedroom, situated on the ground floor.  Doorways are 90cm wide.

  • The height of the bed from the top of the mattress to the floor is 56cm.
  • The bedroom offers good colour contrast between the oak floor, walls and doors
  •  Non-feather bedding.
  • Lighting is natural daylight and at night there is overhead lighting.  Overbed lamps are provided.
  • The bed is suitable for a hoist.
  • Underfloor heating with separate thermostat control.
  • 1m clearance from end of bed to wall.


The bathroom is on the ground floor

  • There is step-free, level access.
  • Door opening is 90cm wide
  • There is a level entry, step free shower.
  • Toilet is 48cm high.
  • A shower-chair / toilet chair is available.
  • Wash-basin is 78cm high, with clear access underneath.
  • Lever taps adapters are available for the wash-basin and bath.
  • Well-lit with two wall lights.
  • Underfloor heating with separate thermostat control.
  • Non-slip flooring.